User Activity Tracking

User activity tracking is the process by which you can collect, monitor, track and analyze all sorts of actions and activities that is being performed in your digital product.

User Activity Tracking

How Will You Track The User Activity In Website?

How well do you know your users? Are the users happy with your product that you have created? Is there any other problem they are facing? There will be many more questions that will be running in your brains.

Any sort of product the users feedback or experience is what which matters a lot. Only on their satisfaction you would know if the digital product that you have designed is of great use or not.

But you can know these by looking at the user activity in your website. Sounds interesting but how will you do it is the question here. Explore with us and get to know a lot more about the user tracking feature.

What is user activity tracking?

User activity tracking is the process by which you can collect, monitor, track and analyze all sorts of actions and activities that is being performed in your digital product. By doing so a clear picture of all insights can be captured.

In simpler words, through this feature you can get deeper insights of how users behave when they start to use the website. A detailed description of every movement is recorded, stored and analyzed to give you the analytics that is obtained.

When you start using the user activity tracking, not just the visitors behavior you can also know about a lot more about the website. By the movements recorded you can also know identify errors, bugs and rectify it soon for a smoother functioning.

How will you track user activity?

There are various ways through which you can track the user activity in the website. Looking at some few ways, you have

1. Screen recording:

Screen recording is the process through which all the movement of the users are recorded and saved. The recordings will have all sorts of activities like mouse click, scrolling activity, movement to various pages, keyboard tap and much more can be recorded.

By looking at every action of the visitors, you can now know what your customers need, the most fascinating feature of the website, the problems they are facing and much more can be analyzed. If rage clicking is sensed, you can find the dead links or non-functioning elements and rectify it as soon as possible.

Look at their interests and find out what can be done to improvise the product. Screen recording are the best way to track the user activity that is performed in the website.

2. Funnel analytics:

Another way through which you can find the user activity is by using the funnel analytics method. This is a pictorial way of representing the activities that is recorded in the website. Through this feature a detailed map or graph of the activities can be obtained.

In funnel analytics the number of visitors visiting the website, their journey in the website can be mapped in the form of funnel. Each stage will have a specific characteristic in it, so that you can know by just looking at the shape.

3. Behavioral analysis:

Every stage in the website has to reach the visitors in the right way. Sometimes people may find difficulties or confusions and the only way to find it is by looking at the behavior of the visitors at the website.

Visitors behavioral analysis is one great way of knowing the user activity. The insights obtained through this feature can be used to most engaged pages, the least interested elements, the flexibility of the website and much more can be witnessed and tracked.

4. Heat maps:

Another tool which is in great use to track the activities in your website is by using heat maps. These heat maps are normally used to great a clear picture of what is happening within the website. A better analysis can be achieved through this tool.

The graphical way of representing the actions in your website is by creating a heat map. A heat map will consist of various color elements that highlight the important information that was collect during the tracking of the site.

By knowing these actions you can improve the UX of the website and can get better audience interaction in the product.

Advantages of User activity tracking:

So now the you should be aware of the benefits that can be achieved while using the user activity tracking,

  • Users behavior: Analyzing the behavior of the visitors is the one major benefit of knowing the user activity. Once you start tracking the activities, a clear insight can be achieved related to your digital product.

  • Improve UX: User experience is the most important thing when it comes to websites. Even a small disruption in the website can reduce the UX to a great extend. By knowing the activities you can improve the UX.

  • Identify bugs: Another major problem that is faced in the website is the presence of bugs, errors and much more. You have to look at the log files each time to identify the bugs. But when you track the user activity, just by looking at the analytics you can rectify the issues.

Tracking the user activity has much more uses for you to have a smooth workflow.

ReplayBird and user activity tracking:

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