Session Recordings

Session Recording are nothing but a complete overview of activities and actions that are happening in the website. You can entirely monitor every movement made by the customers.

Session Recordings

Business or any job, the prime goal is to satisfy the customers and clients. Only on their satisfaction we tend to get what we are looking for and this is applicable for any kind of profession. But how to figure out what your customers are thinking is the task here.

How awesome would it be, if you can be mind readers and find out what exactly they are expecting? Is that even possible? That's not easy but something close to that is possible now with the new tech. It's known as Session Recordings.

The term may seem new to you, but let's find out what it is through this article. After which you can surely know what has to be done with your product.

What is Session Recordings?

If you are a developer of a website, you definitely need to know how people are using your website. Is it reaching them in the right way? Are they able to use the product to their fullest? These are questions and queries are sometimes crucial.

During these times, session recordings can be of a great help to you. To brief about it, session recording are nothing but a complete overview of activities and actions that are happening in the website. You can entirely monitor every movement made by the customers.

The recordings will contain all sorts of activities in the website like, movement of the mouse, the number taps and clicks, the scrolling action, number of pages visited, which device it is being operated and much more. This would be of great help to improvise the work.

What does session recordings do?

You must be aware of what exactly a session recording can do. Session recordings can give you a complete insight of what exactly is happening in your website. It includes actions like,

  1. Mouse movements: You can check how the customers or visitors are looking for in your site with their mouse movements. Every single tap or click can be monitored. If they seem confused with your website, you can rectify it by looking at the actions.

  2. Browser screen: The size of the screen and website matters a lot. The content or product that you are providing must be clear for the visitors to understand it soon. So with this feature, you can figure out how your visitors are reacting to the website.

  3. Pages visited: Every website has multiple number of pages. It is necessary that, the visitors land on the right page to get what they are looking for. So with screen recording you can monitor their movement across various pages.

  4. Number of times visited: How your website reaches people is an important factor that has to be looked upon. The number of times each customer visits your page and the number of times your website is visited can be monitored using screen recording.

What are the benefits of screen recording?

Before using any tech you must be aware of its benefits, and after knowing them you shouldn't restrict you from adapting it in your workflow. Screen recording has got some best benefits to help you with the productivity.

  1. Monitor UX:

Understanding how your user's experience with the website is extremely important. Only if you know how they use the product you can improvise the work. Knowing UX has got its advantages to make changes in the website or product. If you find them struggling or facing any issues, just take the action immediately and give them the best UX possible.

  1. User interaction:

Websites have definitely become an integral part of everyone's life. It does have multiple pages and elements which are sometimes hard to interpret. At these times, you can look where the user's are finding difficulties and change the system according to their need.

  1. Fix issues:

Bugs, issues, glitches are some problems that are quite disturbing. Sometimes you might lose track of your activities and find it hard to spot the bugs in your website. With the implementation of screen recording you can identify and rectify the bugs in your site within a matter of seconds. People can witness a smooth UX in the website.

  1. Figure out the negatives:

Satisfying all needs for the visitors is not possible, but giving them the best is in your hands. There may be various reasons for people to not like the product and to ignore your site pages. Find out what's your negative and work on that to improvise the standards.

  1. Share with your team mates:

Working on a website is not an easy task and maintaining it also requires a lot of management. When you get a clear insight of the visitors perspective you can easily maintain your sight. Share the results of the website interaction to your team mates and work accordingly to have the best use of the feature.

With lot more benefits, use of screen recording has a lot of advantages when implemented in the work space.

ReplayBird and Screen Recordings:

After knowing everything about screen recording, it is important to know where to use it. ReplayBird is definitely one great platform to look after the insights of what is happening in your website.

ReplayBird does have the best features in its screen recording tech.

  • Check for user analytics easily. The number of times your website was visited, the time period spent by the customers and much more. You can have a detailed analytic data.
  • You can also find the location of the visitors and customers. By knowing that, you can work on the need of locality to gain more visits for your site.
  • Get frequent updates all the time, to know what exactly happens in the website. You can get notified immediately, even if a small error occurs in the website.

Session recording need is to analyze every activity of the visitors and to improvise based on their need. Increase your site engagement, improve the UX, work on the productivity all by just implementing this feature in your work place.

Understanding what is happening in your product is what gives you a way to improve based on what they are looking for. Just get started now by using ReplayBird.

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