CrazyEgg Alternative

In-depth analytics, session recordings, advanced metrics and more.

Session recording tool
Analyse every aspect with one tool
  • Check mark ReplayBird includes Recordings, User identification, Friction signals, Segmentation, Notes & Tags.
  • Check mark Also, Clickmaps, Form Analysis, Funnels, and Dev Tools all under one.
Single-page applications
Watch how your visitors interact
  • Check mark ReplayBird simplifies your monitoring work with excellent clarity in sessions.
  • Check mark Filters to focus your research on a particular user segment.
  • Check mark Sort your work quickly with fast-play.
Wide variety of filters
Pay lesser
  • Check mark ReplayBird is an affordable range of costs with multiple analytics tools.
  • Check mark Why investing too much when you get all the analytics you need at affordable price.
Answer your needs
24/7 Support at no extra cost
  • Check mark We’re always here to answer your needs.
  • Check mark We accept your feedback or any changes.
ReplayBird Vs CrazyEgg

Here’s why ReplayBird might be a better alternative.

ReplayBird CrazyEgg
Continuous Recordings
User identification
Rage clicks & error clicks
Custom properties
Full SPA Support
Notes & Tags
Recording rules
Form Analysis
Dev Tools
Data export

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How ReplayBird is better than CrazyEgg?


Monitor every page on your site, rectify the issues, and enhance customers' better experience by using ReplayBird heatmaps.

User Actions

To know more about your visitors and the origin of your site traffic, use ReplayBird's information and convert them into customers.


Our Segment feature will allow you to custom-build frequently used filters that you can save for later use.


Pick the bug you noticed in your recordings using Tags. Take notes from any point of your session recording using our Notes feature.

Funnel Analysis

Using our funnel analytics report, you can deduce the exact reason why your visitors did not return.


Users once visiting the website may sometimes lose track of the updates. In that case, you can remind them by sending notifications.

Try ReplayBird for free now

Free forever. No credit card required. Easy setup.

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