Error Tracking

Error Tracking

Give your users an error-free digital user experience. Discover all the front-end issues that occur in your web application before your customer notices them.

All front-end issues under a single platform

Get a unified view of all the error information without the need to navigate to different pages. Dig through every issue, analyze and fix them to deliver a better end-user experience to your customers.

Discover JavaScript errors in real-time

Discover JavaScript errors in real-time

  • Check mark icon ReplayBird tracks your website, detects JS errors and provides you with a holistic view of all the performance bottlenecks in your front-end code.
  • Check mark icon Identical errors are grouped together for your better understanding of the in-depth error information, which helps you resolve the errors much faster.
Get to the root cause of the issue

Get to the root cause of the issue

  • Check mark icon Find out the underlying cause of an issue with the complete stack trace of it using ReplayBird Error Tracking.
  • Check mark icon Analyze stack traces at the precise moment an error took place to identify the line of broken code.
  • Check mark icon Receive a roadmap of browser activities preceding the error, as well as user actions, console logs, and more.
Watch video replays of every issue

Watch video replays of every issue

  • Check mark icon Watch when and how an error occurred on your website from a user perspective with the help of the session recordings alongside every issue.
  • Check mark icon Prioritize issues that affect conversion rates, product usage, user experience, and overall application health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Error Tracking?

Error tracking is the process of monitoring software and finding errors and resolving problems before they become major difficulties.

Typically, error tracking reports will monitor your website for any variation from standard levels of activity.

What is an error tracking system?

An error tracking system, often known as error monitoring tools, is a set of tools that monitor and identify abnormalities in your application or website. These tools help DevOps teams test recent versions, analyze, and resolve faults in the front and back ends of applications.

Why are error tracking and monitoring important?

Error tracking increases application quality and also allows you to spot issues with your website and maintain appropriate improved reliability.

In error tracking, the earlier your team responds to problems and defects, the faster they can resolve them. Provides an excellent user experience and contributes to increasing client retention.

Difference between a bug and an error

Bugs are defects or mistakes in the code or design. Any mistake made by the user while using the software is referred to as an error.

What is an error log?

An error log is a collection of errors that the program, operating system, or server encounters while running. Database loss and setup corruption are two common items in an error log. In many circumstances, error logs are incredibly important tools for troubleshooting and controlling systems, servers, and even networks.

How to search for errors?

You can find your website's errors from the ReplayBird dashboard, error messages, and the number of times the error has occurred. You can view the detailed error list in the issues sidebar.

What is Javascript error monitoring?

Javascript error monitoring is an error tracker that monitors the UI page in your browser, tells you where your JavaScript errors are occurring, and gives tools to assist you in determining the root cause. You may also use the search generator to query and create dashboards of JS error data, or you can utilize the browser API to monitor resolved errors.

Stop guessing what your visitors want.

Playback everything visitors do on your site.

Watch visitor behavior

Watch movements of your visitor’s using session recordings.

Notes, Segments and Tags

Add notes, segments and tag to your recording for easy identification.

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and simple using a javascript tarcking code.

Performance monitoring

Assess your site's user experience and uncover areas for improvement.

Unlimited team members

Invite all your team members and clients at no added cost!

Block IPs

Exclude tracking yourself, your team or clients by blocking their IPs.


Share notes and website recordings to your fellow mates.

User Identify

Track users to identify which users are having bad user experience.

Audit Logs

See security audit logs for your projects and accounts.

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