Product Analytics

Product Analytics

Product Performance metrics helps you understand how your users interact with products and make better business decisions. Drive more value to your every product with insightful analytics. ReplayBird provides you with all the metrics that you need for product development.

Improve the performance of your product

Know the effective channels to know what drives visitors to your online selling platforms. Emphasize boosting and optimizing sales for those specific products and categories. Discover Your Top-Selling Products and categories.

Metrics for your every product

Metrics for your every product

  • Check mark icon Never miss out on any product in product development, monitor each product.
  • Check mark icon Drive more value with product analytics by setting up a clear goal for each product.
  • Check mark icon Analyze user engagement with the product to improve retention.
Develop Actionable Reports

Develop Actionable Reports Based on Product Analytics

  • Check mark icon Bring your users to the right product with ReplayBird to boost Inter-Functional Collaboration.
  • Check mark icon Prioritize Data Management by implementing effective product data monitoring.
Strategize your products with data monitoring

Strategize your products with data monitoring

  • Check mark icon Increase engagement and indicate long-term value to leverage data.
  • Check mark icon Hold a higher rate of retention by monitoring user behavior with your products online.
  • Check mark icon Identify frustrations and errors in the products' data to minimize revenue loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is product analytics?
The process of studying how people interact with a product or service is known as product analytics. It allows product teams to collect, visualize, and analyze data about user engagement and behavior. This data is used by teams to develop and optimize a product or service.
Why are product analytics tools important?
Product analytics tools allow organizations to track their users' travels step by step. Segmentation, funnels, and cohorts are critical features for helping businesses understand their customers and the decisions they make.
How do product analytics tools work?
A product analytics tool is a piece of software that gives firms information about how their customers engage with their products. Product analytics solutions assist businesses that sell digital products by gathering data and analyzing how customers engage with various components of their products.
What are the types of product analysis?
1. Cohort analysis
2. Retention Analysis
3. Journey Analysis
4. Attribution Analysis
How do you measure product analytics?
You can measure your product analytics by adding ReplayBird to your website and getting insights from them for product development.
What is Digital Product Analytics?
Digital Product Analytics (DPA) software analyses user data to gain insights into how users engage with it. These insights are then applied across platforms to improve the product.
Who Uses Product Analytics Software?
1. Product Managers
2. Marketers
3. Sales Leaders
4. Analysts
5. UX/UI Designers and Researchers
6. Data Scientists

Stop guessing what your visitors want.

Playback everything visitors do on your site.

Watch visitor behavior

Watch movements of your visitor’s using session recordings.

Notes, Segments and Tags

Add notes, segments and tag to your recording for easy identification.

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and simple using a javascript tarcking code.

Performance monitoring

Assess your site's user experience and uncover areas for improvement.

Unlimited team members

Invite all your team members and clients at no added cost!

Block IPs

Exclude tracking yourself, your team or clients by blocking their IPs.


Share notes and website recordings to your fellow mates.

User Identify

Track users to identify which users are having bad user experience.

Audit Logs

See security audit logs for your projects and accounts.

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