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Dive deep into the minds of your users, discovering every click, swipe, and interaction as it happens. Break the analytics barrier and gain real-time visibility into user actions and the underlying factors contributing to user retention on your website.

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Discover the "Why" for Better Digital Experiences

Find out how ReplayBird's actionable insights can help you build better digital experiences. Drive results by understanding user behavior, optimizing interactions, and delivering memorable journeys.

Analtyics Dashboard
Customer Journey Analysis

From Frustration to Satisfaction

Take your website and applications to the next level by providing a positive user experience that keeps customers coming back to you.

  • Analyze customer journey: Identify areas where customers are dropping off or experiencing frustration.
  • Visual Interaction: Spot where users most interact, click, scroll, and hover.
  • Boost Website Speed: Discover reasons behind your slow-running webpages.
Replay Sessions
Session Replay

Capture Digital Experience from the Customer's Perspective

Watch users' perspectives and understand their digital user experience by viewing pixel-perfect session replays.

  • Gain UX insights: Insights on where you can make improvements to reduce user frustration.
  • Review user recordings: Uncover the "why" with user session recordings.
  • Built-in privacy: Secured features that protect all your sensitive user data.
  • Conduct real-time analysis: Watch how users interact with your website in real-time.
Find User UX Difficulties
Product Analytics

Product Analytics that Drive Maximum Revenue

Gain valuable insights with product analytics, understand user behavior and preferences, and make data-driven decisions that improve engagement and retention and ultimately drive growth.

  • User engagement: Pinpoint areas of friction in the site experience to keep users engaged.
  • Analyze performance: Uncover usability issues and user flow performance issues.
  • Success metrics: Evaluate the performance of your website with straightforward metrics.
Analytics Integrations
Error Tracking

Discover Errors Before Your Revenue is Lost

Maintain optimal website performance, and prevent customer frustration, revenue loss, and damage to your brand reputation.

  • Front-end optimization: Minimize the impact of JavaScript errors that reduce customer dissatisfaction.
  • Error prevention: Reduce customer frustration and churn rates by catching and resolving JavaScript errors.
  • Real-time tracking: Determine JavaScript errors in real-time to avoid slow loading times and crashes.
Root Cause Analysis
Digital Experience Analytics

Experience Excellence with Seamless Monitoring

Ensuring the digital experience is seamless, accessible, and secure for all users with digital experience monitoring, accessibility, and data security.

  • Protects sensitive data: Data security measures that protect your sensitive customer data.
  • Monitor Digital Experience: Understandable metrics on user behavior to monitor performance.
  • Comply with Accessibility Regulations: Improve user experience despite people's challenges.
Analytics Integrations
Funnel Analysis

Understand the Impact of Digital Friction on Conversion

Boost your website or app by analyzing user behavior, improving pain points, and keeping accurate records for optimal user experience.

  • User Funnel Analysis: Uncover and Optimize Your User's Path to Conversion with Funnel Analysis
  • Form Optimization: Identify pain points and areas of difficulty in their forms, and make necessary improvements.
  • Track Digital Data: Maintain accurate records of user interactions with their website or application.
See How ReplayBird Makes Your Thrive
Innovate designs with real insights rather than guesswork
  • Precision in User Behavior: User experience analytics eliminates guesswork concerning user behavior influences.
  • Team Alignment through Analysis: Collaboratively analyze behaviors to align stakeholders with visitors' real experiences and their impact on the user journey.
  • Data-Driven Innovation: UX Analytics facilitates effortless innovation, transforming design and coding efforts into data-driven processes.
Product Analytics

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ReplayBird lets me quickly get the insights I care about so that I can focus on my productive work. I've had ReplayBird for about 24 hours now and I honestly don't know how I functioned without it before.
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Anastasia Dan Director of Operations, UserTesting
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ReplayBird's analytics and user session replay are invaluable to pinpoint our system issues in no time. The intuitive interface simplified complex data, improving our overall digital experience. Highly recommended for IT professionals.
Testimonial 01
Drew White Information Systems Director, PartnerStack
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ReplayBird has been instrumental for our sales strategy. Its detailed session tracking and user behavior insights to fine-tune our approaches and identify key pain points in the digital customer journey.
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Brenden Manager of Sales Execution Strategy, Aerotek

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