Sesssion Replay

Understanding customers is now simplified

ReplayBird provide you website analytics and session replay of your website's digital user behavior. Watch, analyze, understand and optimize your website to convert more traffic and boost your revenue.

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Abandon assumptions, watch and analyze to improve digital user experience

Easy understandable Analytics for all your teammates, with filtration and segments, helps you to take Data-driven decision-making.

Analtyics Dashboard

Analyse everything in one glance

Customize your dashboards for specific activities or cohort

  • Check mark Easy and understandable metrics.
  • Check mark Dashboard for every team in your company.
  • Check mark Work with high-fidelity insights.
Replay Sessions

Replay videos with outstanding pixel clarity

Recorded sessions of your website visitors to replay and analyse their perspective

  • Check mark Excellent clarity every time you play..
  • Check mark Replay the session anytime as well play it up to 8x of speed.
  • Check mark Share any recordings with anyone with the link.
Find User UX Difficulites

Identify technical UX difficulties that makes you loss customers.

Behaviours of your website is going to give deep impression to your customers.

  • Check mark Correct drawbacks on conversion funnels.
  • Check mark Spot how and where visitors keep clicking.
  • Check mark Find out what they expect your website to do.
Analytics Integrations

Notify your teammates and pinpoint the exact spot.

Communication with your teammates is more important to present as a brand.

  • Check mark Segments are custom filters to organize the recordings.
  • Check mark Mention you teammates for easy reference.
  • Check mark Add notes and tags anywhere in the recordings.
Root Cause Analysis

Never struggle to code or find bugs.

Integrating your WordPress or other website is simple now.

  • Check mark Find copyable codes in integration to add features.
  • Check mark Identify where to rectify.
  • Check mark Fixing UX issues is simple.

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Understand your users in real-time.

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