Product Experience Insights

Product experience (PX) is to know how the users react and interact with the product that you have launched. It is used to analyze the customer's use and experience with the product which is recorded in the form of logs.

Product Experience Insights The success of a product depends on whether the customer likes it or not, how well they are using it and the feeling of the customer about the product. If they start enjoying your product, its great if not, then you should start working on the negatives.

The product experience matters more. So what's the way of knowing how your customers are reacting to the product? You must have a detailed insight to figure out what has to be done next. This is where you can get help from the product experience insight feature.

How to get a product experience insight? What's the use of it? How can it help you? and much more questions will be answered via this article. Read it further to know everything about it.

What is PX?

Product Experience Insights

Product experience (PX) is to know how the users react and interact with the product that you have launched. It is used to analyze the customer's use and experience with the product which is recorded in the form of logs.

PX is normally concerned with digital products, but you can also use for other expertise to know how much the customers are benefited.

What is Product Experience Insight?

Product Experience Insights are shortly referred to as PX insights is a detailed data related to the user experience when they are using your product. This data helps you to clearly understand whether the product has reached the visitors on the right way.

PX insights has all information related to every user from the second they entered the site, to the second they left the website. Every action of them will be recorded and saved.

More than knowing how the visitors react to the product, this can be a great way to identify bugs, errors, dead links and much more. To improvise your UX it is definitely necessary to know the product experience of the users.

How to collect product experience insights?

Product Experience Insights

After knowing about product experience insights, the next thing to know is how to collect them. There are various features and ways to record and store the PX insights. To explain a few,

  1. Session Recordings: If you want to record each and every move of the users in your product, then the best way to do it using session recordings. Every mouse click, scrolling, movement from one page to another and much more is recorded from the time users enter the website, till they leave it. Using these recordings you can also find the areas where they find difficulties and rectify it soon.

  2. Heat maps: If you want the data or analytics in the form of graphical representation then the best feature is to use heat maps. Normally it is a 2D representation which has all the information given to you by using various colors, through which it is easy to understand and calibrate.

  3. Funnel analytics: To get a detailed description of users in each page or which element fascinates the visitors more you can use funnel analytics. The data will be given to you in the shape of funnel, which shows the maximum and minimum number of outcomes to the categories that you choose or fix.

What are the benefits of PX insights?

Benefits of PX insights

Without a benefit, there no use in implementing the feature. Knowing the PX insights does have a great use in your workflow and UX.

  1. Know your customers:

Knowing the users is important, irrespective of the product that you sell or use. The users action, their activity in the site is what determines how far your product is reached to the audience. Only on their satisfaction you can improve to get better results on the long run. Calculating the PX insights, you can know what the visitors expect from the product, so that you can add on the features to fulfill their demands and requests.

  1. Know the most and least likable:

There would be various reasons and factors for audience to visit your product and use them. But definitely there will be one or two features that really fascinate them and drive them a lot. By using the PX insights, you can know which is the most used feature and least used feature of the product. Also find out the reason behind why visitors are leaving your site, so that you can rectify the issue.

  1. Find out if it reaches:

Using the product for the right reasons matters a lot. By monitoring and viewing your site insights you can find out if the users are getting benefited in the right way. Sometimes it can turn out to be confusing for them and they won't understand the reason of the product. During these times you can make necessary changes for the product to reach them in the right way so that they get benefited.

  1. Fix bugs and errors:

All the PX insights and recordings get saved in the form of logs. If you own multiple products then monitoring every site manually is not possible. During these times all you have to do is look for the insights and find out the issues and solve it. You can figure out the problems by seeing the rage clicks on the product.

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