Visitor Behavior Analysis

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Visitor Behavior Analysis

What Is Visitor Behavior Analysis?

Users mind and behavior matters a lot. Only by understanding and calculating their behavioral pattern you can know what they want in the digital world. The users mind is what drives you to give a better product to the world.

When you closely look or observe sometimes you can witness a similar activity pattern among a category of users. You may not focus on it greatly, but it needs to be noted. By analyzing these patterns you can achieve great productiveness in your workspace easily.

To achieve these you are need to focus on the behavioral pattern of the users when they are using your website. So how can you do that is the next question. Skim through this article and learn whatever you need to know about visitor behavior analysis.

What is visitor behavior analysis?

Knowing your customers mind is highly important. To help you to analyze what's going on inside the customers mind, you need tools which help in analyzing the visitor behavior. Implementing the tools would provide qualitative data on what your visitors need.

Using the tools you can track various things like the product's performance rate, the visitors experience while using the product, the problems they are facing, what's their feedback and suggestions regarding your website and much more can be noted easily.

In case of any errors or flaws, you can find out quickly and resolve it at the earliest. Analyzing the behavior can also help in knowing about the customers interaction with each page in your website. You can also improve the pages, it the visitors feel it boring.

Why do you have to track the visitor behavior?

A small hack is better than working hard towards reaching the goal. On implementing the visitor behavior analysis tool. you can have a great help toward your digital product.

1. Know the website performance

UX of your digital product greatly depends on the performance of the website. If the website is not functioning properly, there are possibilities for the UX to drop down greatly. Giving the best UX for the users is important.

By knowing the behavior of the users in the website, can greatly help in improving the performance of the website. You can know whether people are liking the product or not, you can find what are the difficulties they are facing in the website and much more.

Sometimes the product that you are providing may not reach the customers in the right way or they may even find difficulties in certain elements. To monitor and resolve such kind of issues you can use the visitor behavior analysis tools.

2. Know the geographic location

Opinions and the desires of the people may differ when they are from various location in the world. But when you closely look, the pattern of what they need may be similar when you take a particular city or town.

But how will you know where are they from and what are their requirements? To know it, the tools of behavior analysis will greatly help you. Targeting a particular location without knowing what they need will end up being a failure.

You can also find out whether they prefer it online or in store and make changes accordingly for a better productiveness.

3. Improve interactions

Holding a ecommerce platform or any other digital product, it is not easy to communicate directly with the people who are seeking your website. The only way to know their requirements is by tracking and monitoring their activities when they are inside the website.

Every users need and experience does matter for the success of the product. By looking into the data collected from the behavior analysis, you can find whether they are satisfied or not.

Increase the interaction on you website more and get to know you customers better. When you give a better UX you can automatically witness a great increase in the productiveness of the site. This can be achieved only on a better communication.

How to track behavior of the visitors?

There may be numerous ways to track the behavioral pattern of the visitors. Highlighting a few you have,

a. Session recordings:

To dig deep into what the visitors want, then the only way is to watch each and every move of them inside the website. From the mouse clicks to the movement form from one page to another, you can monitor every action of theirs.

This can be done using session recordings, which helps you to record everything that is happening on the screen. With session recordings, a clear picture of your visitors can be witnessed for you to make decisions accordingly.

b. Heatmaps:

A major tool used to analyze the behavior is a heatmap. A heatmap is basically a visual interpretation of all the actions that is happening on the website. The data collected will be presented with colors to highlight what has happened in the website.

Using heatmap you can track the on-site behavior of the visitors and get the sufficient data out of it. Their actions and the time spent on every element can be obtained for better understanding of their requirements.

c. Funnel analytics:

Funnel analytics is also a tool to find out the behavior pattern. Using a funnel analytics you can obtain the data in the form of funnel which will be in an increasing format. By looking into the funnel shaped data, you can find out the activities recorded in the website.

Use of ReplayBird:

Running an e-commerce site, or having a digital product, the productiveness rate depends on the number of visitors and how they use it. After knowing everything about behavior analysis, you must also know the right way to implement the tools used for it.

ReplayBird does have a great way to help you in resolving all the issues related to tracking and monitoring the website. Right from identifying rage clicking to increase the user interaction in the website, you can find out everything using the tools provided in ReplayBird.

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