Website Tracking

The process of tracking the activities occurring in a website is basically what is done in website tracking. The ultimate use is to collect and analyze the data of every individual and act according to their searches and preferences.

Website Tracking

Internet has turned out to be the answer for all your queries. You want to purchase, surf or find out something all we do is land up on the internet. So does websites, as they are also an integral part of all our lives.

From a consumer perspective, all they want is to get the complete benefit of the website and take care of their security. But being a developer, or a UX designer that's not the case. Every action under your website has to be monitored and to do so you need the help of website tracking.

To fix bugs, find errors, make changes, improvise and create your features based on the customer choices you need to upgrade on a regular basis. For doing so the need of some tracking features is necessary. Let's get into the deeper insights of website tracking through this article.

What is website tracking?

The process of tracking the activities occurring in a website is basically what is done in website tracking. But the purpose of doing so can vary with the reason behind it.

In case of a business person, they would track to know about the user interactions and the product searches that is done in the website. They can also know about the individual's preferences and expectations based on the searches and activity.

But a UX designer uses the same thing in a different way. They use to improvise their product, give a better user experience to the customers and to fix bugs and errors that are found on the websites.

The ultimate use is to collect and analyze the data of every individual and act according to their searches and preferences.

Why do you need website tracking?

There has to be some benefit behind every software or hack that we implement to our workspace. Before starting to track the websites you should be aware of its need.

  1. Know your customers: Working based on what the customers think is the smart way to get things done faster. Monitor the searches, surfing and skimming done by the consumers on your product page with website tracking.

  2. Track the pages: You may have various pages on your website, but only few attract the users. By tracking, you can find out the pages with the most and least interactions and work based on that to improve the pages.

  3. Improve interaction: The best way to get close with your customers is by interacting with them. To interact, you need to know their thinking and choices. Tracking does that for you at any instance. Improve the UX experience of your website.

  4. Control trafficking: Web traffic is an important data that is collected from any website. It includes the number of visitors to the website, the data searches, number of times the page was visited and much more. Keep track of all insights and control it easily.

  5. Solve issues: You can't expect any website to run continuously without any errors and bugs. To find out and clear the bug, tracking of website is necessary. Solve issues, fix bugs and resolve the glitches with the help of tracking.

How to track user activity?

After knowing about the need and uses, the next query would be how? There are many ways and technologies to achieve what we are looking for.

  1. IP address:

Just like unique addresses for home, you do have individual address for your internet connections. IP address provides all information related to the place, town and city of the network connectivity and also gives the details related to every search and preferences of the user.

By using the IP address, you can check the area of the user and act according to the needs of the particular locality. By doing so, you can also reach other people and users of the same region and get benefitted.

  1. Cookies:

We would have all seen a pop up message each time we enter a website, which says that this website uses cookies. Cookies are basically files that store data that help the developers track the users who visit the pages.

These cookies are used to save and store the user data and activity, so that the website can be upgraded based on the interactions made by the audience.

You can use cookies to track the UX with two types:

a. Session Cookies: This is active until the user is inside the web page, so you can track the interaction at that instance of time, and disappears after the page is closed.

b. Persistent Cookies: This data stays for a long period of time or gets stored permanently. So that you can access the files any time and improvise your choices.

c. Fingerprinting: Another way of tracking the website is by using fingerprinting. Fingerprinting is the process through which you can track the user's profile and settings to get to know about their interaction with the website.

Not just that, you can also find out their actions with their web browser, settings, operating system, device, language and much more. Generally this method is used to track the activities related to multiple pages and data.

ReplayBird and Website tracking:

Wondering how to track your website and store the insights safely? The best way to do is get access with ReplayBird. The first thing you need to focus on before tracking is to look for the best tool to help you in doing so.

ReplayBird does have all the features that you have been looking for. Use the right tool to

  • Track the user interactions
  • Store the data
  • Protect your privacy
  • Improve your activity based on the audience preferences
  • Make changes with the product and much more.

The features in ReplayBird include,

  • Session Recordings: Record every interaction and activity in your website and improve your UX issues.
  • Heatmap: It is a form of data analytics, through which you can track the page views user interaction in each page of the website.
  • Funnel Analytics: Just like the funnel this is a method to understand how users use the website. You can find out the step in which audience find difficulty and rectify the issue immediately.

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