Self-Hosted Web Analytics & On-Premise

Self-Hosted Web Analytics & On-Premise

Self-hosted web analytics for all kinds of SaaS users with sensitive data. ReplayBird On-Premise control for privacy-friendly on your own infrastructure. Meet 100% flexible locally hosted deployments and full privacy, security, and compliance requirements.

Meet Compliance Standards Within Your Environment

Meet Compliance Standards Within Your Environment

ReplayBird is a self-hosted web analytics solution that is so flexible that it integrates into your existing environments, ensuring adherence to the standards. With no extra effort required, meet the necessary compliance benchmarks.

  • Personally Identifiable Information(PII)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Handle Your Data with Our Unlimited Storage & Retention

Handle Your Data with Our Unlimited Storage & Retention

Set and enforce policies that align perfectly with your specific environment. Rest easy knowing that your data is in your capable hands, ensuring compliance and bolstering trust in this self-hosted analytics platform.

  • Restrict sharing access within your teams
  • Self-host on your own servers
  • Hassle-Free configuration of settings and scaling
Control Everything from Your Own Infrastructure

Control Everything from Your Own Infrastructure

No matter how demanding your operations become, our ReplayBird, rises to the occasion, ensuring your performance remains at its peak. As your applications grow, we have got you covered with powerful locally hosted capabilities. Select how you want to be supported:

  • Fully-managed support options
  • Partial-managed support options
  • Self-managed support options

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an on-premises analytics solution?
An on-premises analytics solution is a software that is installed and operated within an organization's own physical infrastructure or data center. Unlike cloud-based solutions, it does not rely on external servers or services.

This allows your organization to have complete control over your analytics environment, ensuring data privacy, security, and compliance with specific regulatory standards.

On-premises analytics solutions like our ReplayBird are particularly used by businesses with sensitive data or stringent compliance requirements, as we provide a high level of customization and security while maintaining data within the organization's physical premises.
How does self-hosted analytics differ from cloud-based analytics?
Self-Hosted Analytics:

- Infrastructure Ownership: Self-hosted analytics involves managing and maintaining your own infrastructure, either on-premises or through a third-party hosting service which let you complete control over hardware, software, and data storage.
- Security and Privacy Control: With self-hosted analytics, you have direct oversight of security protocols and data privacy measures for a better customization and implementation of specific security measures tailored to your organization's needs.

Cloud-Based Analytics:

- Scalability and Accessibility: Cloud-based analytics relies on remote servers provided by a third-party vendor as this model offers easy scalability to increase resources as needed. Additionally, it enables access to data and insights from anywhere with an internet connection.
- Managed Services and Automation: Cloud-based analytics platforms also often come with managed services and automated features like automated updates, backups, and maintenance, reducing the burden on your IT team and for the system to run smoothly.
What are the benefits of choosing a self-hosted analytics platform?
1. Improved data privacy and security measures for sensitive information.
2. Customizable infrastructure tailored to specific organizational needs and workflows.
3. Complete control over hardware, software, and data storage solutions.
4. Reduced dependency on external providers for critical analytics functions.
5. Optimized performance and reduced latency for faster data processing.
6. Compliance with industry-specific regulations and data governance standards.
7. Flexibility to integrate with legacy systems and customized applications easily.
How does locally hosting an analytics platform contribute to data privacy and compliance?
- Granular Control: By hosting locally, organizations have direct oversight over data handling, encryption, and access protocols. This ensures compliance with specific regulatory requirements.
- Physical Access Restriction: Physical access to servers is limited to authorized personnel, minimizing the risk of unauthorized data breaches or tampering.
- Data Residency Compliance: It allows organizations to ensure data stays within specific geographic jurisdictions, meeting legal requirements for data sovereignty.
- Reduced Third-Party Involvement: Local hosting reduces reliance on external providers, minimizing the potential for third-party mishandling of sensitive information.
- Customizable Security Measures: Organizations can implement tailored security measures and encryption protocols to align with industry-specific compliance standards.
Can a locally hosted analytics platform integrate with existing systems and environments?
Yes, a locally hosted analytics platform like ReplayBird can seamlessly integrate with existing systems and environments as it offers flexibility in terms of compatibility with various databases, software, and applications commonly used within an organization.

Through APIs, connectors, and standardized protocols, it can establish robust connections with CRM systems, ERP software, cloud storage solutions, and other critical tools.

This integration also enables the platform to draw data from diverse sources, providing a comprehensive view for analysis and push insights back into existing systems.
How does a self-hosted analytics platform improves security for sensitive data?
A self-hosted analytics platform like ReplayBird improves security for your sensitive data through several critical measures.

- Firstly, it grants your organizations complete control over your infrastructure, allowing them to implement tailored security protocols which includes robust encryption standards, access controls, and intrusion detection systems.
- Additionally, physical access to servers is restricted, reducing the risk of unauthorized tampering or breaches.
- Furthermore, organizations can proactively monitor and respond to potential security threats in real-time.
- Regular security audits and updates can be performed to fortify defenses against evolving cyber threats.

This level of control and vigilance significantly reduces the likelihood of data breaches, providing a secure environment for processing and analyzing your sensitive information.
How does local hosting prevent data exposure risks?
Locally hosting analytics minimizes data exposure or leakage risks by keeping data within a controlled environment which significantly reduces external access points and limits the potential for unauthorized entry, highly fortifying security measures against data breaches.
Can a self-hosted analytics platform meet specific security needs?
Yes, a self-hosted analytics platform can be extensively customized to meet the specific security requirements of an organization. It offers the flexibility to implement tailored security measures, including encryption protocols, access controls, and authentication methods.

Organizations have the autonomy to design and enforce security policies in alignment with their unique needs and compliance mandates.
How does self-hosted analytics improves data handling transparency?
- Audit Trails: It maintains detailed logs of all activities, including data access, modification, and analysis, offering a comprehensive record for review.
- Customized Reporting: Organizations can generate specific reports on data usage, allowing for a clear overview of who interacts with the data and how.
- Access Controls: The platform let granular control over user permissions, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information.
Can a self-hosted analytics platform let secure data sharing?
Yes, a self-hosted analytics platform can facilitate secure data sharing within an organization or with trusted partners. It provides the necessary infrastructure to establish controlled data access and sharing mechanisms.

Through features like role-based access controls and encryption protocols, organizations can ensure that only authorized individuals or entities have access to specific datasets. Additionally, secure sharing protocols can be established, allowing for the controlled exchange of insights and reports.

This enables collaborative decision-making while maintaining the highest level of data security and privacy. By leveraging these capabilities, self-hosted analytics platforms empower organizations to share information confidently and securely.

ReplayBird, hosted by you.

Meet enterprise privacy, security, and compliance requirements by hosting ReplayBird on-premise via your infrastructure or cloud instance.