Customer Experience Optimization

Customer experience optimization is one way to get the best outcome out of your website by making essential changes and improvisations based on the how the customers act inside the website.

What Is Customer Experience Optimization?

Customer Experience Optimization

The role of customers visiting the website and using the features to the fullest, is what determines the productivity of the product. Their experience while they are using the website greatly accounts for the success or failure of the website.

Just after designing the best digital product, and letting the customers to use it the next main work is to maintain the usability of the site. Even a small error or dead element for a short period of time will let you lose the customers who are visiting.

Maintaining the user experience of the site is the real challenge after successfully creating or designing a website. How to do it, what is the metrics to determine the customer experience and much more is what being dealt in this article. Let's get started.

Customer Experience Optimization

What is meant by Customer Experience Optimization?

The moment any visitor enters the website, all they expect is the solution for their query and the best possible experience while using the website. By looking at the customer's actions while they are using the site, is how you determine their experience.

You just can't blindly guess how the visitors are feeling. Some might be having the best experience and some might not. Few visitors won't be satisfied with the content present in the website, while other would feel confused by using it and there are possibilities of much more to happen.

Customer experience optimization is one way to get the best outcome out of your website. Optimization basically means, making essential changes and improvisations based on how the customers act inside the website.

The experience optimization deals with the working of various aspects of website which includes, support, sales, sign up pages, blogs and much more. By knowing how visitors interacts with each element, you can optimize and personalize it based on the their needs.

Why does Customer Experience Optimization matters?

Customer Experience Optimization

Knowing the customers feeling and thoughts in the offline world is much more easier when compared to the online world, because you are repeatedly in contact with the visitors. That is not the case with the digital product.

The reason why Customer Experience Optimization matters because,

  • Increase engagement: Knowing how customers interact with the elements of the website, you can increase the engagement in your site. By doing so you can increase the targeted engagement of the product.

  • Increase the UX: A major factor that determines the productivity and success of the site, is the User Experience (UX). If you feel the customers are struggling with the product, just figure out the problem to give them a better UX.

  • Increase speed: The speed of the site is extremely important. A slow loading site or link, is not what customers are expecting. Find out the reason for slow running and speed of the product, and optimize it accordingly.

  • Increase website content: Every customer who visits any site is basically for the content that is provided inside the website. The content that is given should meet the expectations of the users. If it doesn't, the visitors leave the site. Find out if the content provided is the best for the customers and personalize if needed.

  • Increase customer relationships: Any business of matter, customers relationships has to be strong to effectively run the market. Optimization of the digital product on regular basis helps to build strong relationships with the visitors and users.

What are the sections of Customer Experience Optimizations?

Sections of Customer Experience Optimization

a) Web Experience Optimization:

Web Experience Optimization is the way to optimize or personalize the overall experience of the website or web page by following up some strategies or ways. Every strategy that is implemented is merely an experiment with the customers and the product.

Trying out various experiments with the web can help you get better insights of what is happening with your website. Increase engagements, build interactions and much more with the web optimization strategies.

Generally, it is done by completely analyzing the customers activities and collecting the required data. Identify various touch points in your website and work based on it. Choose the best way which gives higher interaction and set that up as your website success strategy.

b) Product Experience Optimization:

Designing the website could be quite easy, but choosing and thinking of the product that is much needed for the market or industry is a critical task. A product with a strong reason and need to the customer is the one which is going to survive.

To find out if the product is needed or not for the customers, it is important to implement certain tools and features to obtain the feedbacks and opinions of the users.

Analytical tools that can be used are,

c) Message Experience Optimization:

Another very important way to increase customer engagement with the website is with the use of messages and push up notifications. Every website or digital product has difference message strategies like the chat-bot, web and app notifications, advertisements and so on.

Even after a user leaving the site, it is the push up notifications that is going to remind them about the product or site. Some may annoy the customers, and other might be helpful.

The Message Experience Optimizations focuses exclusively on optimizing the messaging applications for the website or app. You can deliver the information or details that is needed to gain more engagement for the product.

How to accomplish Customer Experience Optimization?

Customer Experience Optimization

1. Know the customer's feeling:

Before applying any new change or strategy, you need to know what the customer's feeling. The group of people visiting the website, will be having a common need to get fulfilled. Get a detailed survey by asking them what is their need and then start the experimentation.

2. Track the customer journey:

The next step is to look the customer's journey inside the website. Every user tend to move to various elements or pages. Some may even exit the page in between due to error or dissatisfaction.

Track what the visitors do, from the start to the end. Discover the points where they get frustrated and leave the site. Find the pages that is least desired by the customers and figure out the journey form a user's perspective.

3. Learn what drives the users:

Your product would have various factors and features in it. It will provide solutions for various queries. But there will be one such element with drives all the customers to start using the product. Find out that feature by using features like session recordings and so on.

4. Find out whether the product is used in the right way:

There are high chances for the users to not use the product in the right way. They might start using the website, but couldn't get the right results out of it. In such cases, the users would be confused with the product.

5. Do a complete testing of the website:

Before concluding with the errors or flaws in the website, it is necessary to completely run and check the usability of the website. Sometimes a move in hurry could cause a lot damage with the productivity.

6. Personalize the strategy:

More than anyone, you are the one who knows lot about your customers and the product. The right and the perfect strategy for your website can be determined only after constant trials and experimentations.

Do repeated experimenting to choose the best strategy for the optimization of the website. To finalize it, let the users try out the feature and comment about it for the best output for your efforts.

7. Make consistent efforts:

Just by making changes of your choice and forcing the customers to accept it, is not appreciable. Take out regular surveys, use social media and other efforts to find out if the seed you have sowed has reaped well.

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