Website Traffic

Website Traffic means the number of visitors for the website for a calculate period of time. Each time a person enters into a website, it is recorded as a visit or a session. From the time they enter, till they leave the time is recorded.

Website Traffic

A wide range of people rely on various websites for different issues and queries that arise in their work space. Number of website can provide the solutions for the same problem, but the users tend to choose one for various factors that are best in it.

More than designing, the popularity your website has gained is the actual success of the digital product and that popularity is determined by the number of users visiting and using the product in their daily lives.

As you can see there are various methods to determine the number of users visiting your website. One of them is by analyzing the website traffic in the site. This article would cover all aspects of what website traffic is and how to analyze it.

What is website traffic?

The success of the website depends on how many users visit the website. So that's you can calculate by analyzing the website traffic in your site.

By definition, website traffic means the number of visitors for the website for a calculate period of time. Each time a person enters into a website, it is recorded as a visit or a session. From the time they enter, till they leave the time is recorded.

One important aspect is that, web traffic can be recorded for each and every page and element in the website. How much your website is being used, the popularity the website has attained can be evaluated by looking at the traffic the website is receiving.

What are the types of website traffic?

The web traffic of your site can be calculated by various types, so that you can analyze how the website is getting visitors.

a. Organic Traffic:

Organic traffic is nothing but the number of users visiting your site, by searching your product or brand in any of the search engines like Google and so on. This type of traffic account for most number of visitors as the users rely on search engines to find out new products and site.

b. Direct Traffic:

When the user enters the website by directly clicking the URL of the site, then it comes under direct traffic. You do have sub-divisions in this type,

  • The users directly type the URL
  • The users entering the website by saving the link in their favorites
  • The users entering through the link provided in email.

c. Referral Traffic:

Users visiting the website from other links or pages is what is referral traffic. The other pages can constitute blogs, forms and other sites. You can increase this type of traffic by increasing the number of blogs for your website.

d. Social Traffic:

Use of social media is on high among various age groups in the recent times. The marketing with social medias like Instagram, Linkedin and so on reach the users faster. When a user visits the website through these social medias then it is under social traffic.

Why should you monitor website traffic?

Monitoring web traffic is one of the easiest way to analyze the performance in your website. It has various benefits and evaluation of analytics related to the site would be a lot more easier. What can you analyze with website traffic?

1. Behavior analysis:

Website traffic is one good way to analyze the behavior pattern of the users visiting the website. Coz with the number of time a user visits a website back, you can know if they are really interested with the product or not.

2. Test your changes:

Analyzing the changes and ideas you have made in your website during the test period can be done with the help of web traffic. If there is less traffic it clearly indicates that the changes made are not accepted by the users.

3. Location tracking:

With the help of website tracking you can know the location of the users visiting your website. This can greatly help in targeting the users from a particular locality, as you would know from where the traffic is high.

What are the metrics that are used to calculate the website traffic?

1. Number of visitors:

Visitors and users are the key players who decide the success, popularity and usability of the website. Ultimately website traffic is the number of users visiting the website, which is extremely important for any digital product.

2. Number of visits:

It is not appreciable when a user visits the page for a single time and never show up again. That is not what we expect. Web traffic also calculates the number of times a user visits the website. You can track the number of users logging in multiple times.

3. Time spent:

The length of visit also matters a lot. The longer a user stays in the website, the better they can understand the product. You can easily calculate the time spent by each user in the website, by looking at the web traffic.

4. Conversion rate:

Conversion rate is nothing but the metric that defines how the users interact with the product. High conversion rate defines that people are really interested with the content, and this can be clearly help in monitoring the web traffic.

5. Bounce rate:

Bounce rate tells you whether people are actually interacting with the website or not. Some users just visit and immediately leave the site. High bounce rate indicates that users are not engaging with the contents and elements of the website.

6. Click through rate:

CTR is the ratio that defines the users who visit the website in means of link, URL, any page or email. This can help you how users find your website and engage with it.

What are the ways to increase website traffic?

Various strategies and ideas can be implemented to increase the traffic in your site. To mention a few,

1. Search Engine Optimization:

The easiest way of increasing the visitors is by SEO. People visiting any particular site or product is mostly through surfing in the search engines. When the website starts appearing in the search engines, that is the best way to gain more visitors.

SEO can help in increasing the quality and quantity of visitors for the product. Your product would target only a particular audience. In that case, if they search the product in the engines, your website should pop for them to experience it.

2. Advertisements:

Advertising the brand or product is the traditional way of attracting the users towards the product. Though it is an authentic way, but still works on the people because the users tend to come across various advertisement links on regular basis.

Paid promotions or self advertising, both can help in increasing the traffic for the website. As far as paid promotions are considered, you have to choose the right source to promote you brand and website, so that it reaches maximum users.

3. Marketing:

Marketing is another way to increase the engagement in the website. Currently the trend is around social media, because it is the fastest mode of reaching a wide range of people from different locality and regions.

Not just social media marketing can be done by various other methods like email marketing, video marketing and so on. These are some of the best way to reach the users with less efforts and is highly effective in increasing the website traffic.

4. Notifications and messages:

Digital product and websites has a unique feature called as the push up notifications. Users once visiting the website, may sometimes lose track of the updates. In that case you can easily remind them by sending notifications.

This can be in the form of push up notifications that pop up in their device screens or through chat bots. Messages can help you to make the users revisit the website.


No matter how great the design or the product idea might be, but the ultimate fate changers are the users who are visiting the website. Whatever the strategies that can be implements, but at last it has to attract the users.

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