What is Session Replay?

Session Recording


A session is a particular period of time when an online user visits a website and browses.

An online user may scroll through a specific website, either to buy a product or to collect some resources or information within the website.

Users will go from page to page within the site, clicking on the buttons to know what that feature does.

Session Recording:

Website owners use software tools to record these sessions of every website visitor.

These recordings of the sessions done on the website are called “session recordings.”

Session recording works simply like a screen recorder from the website visitor’s perspective.

Session Replay:

Session replay is when the website owners replay those session recordings to understand the user interactions.

Also, these session recordings are saved as data in the session recording tools for the website owner and the team to watch over and over again.

Recording the sessions and replaying them will help businesses in many ways.

Session Recording Info Graph

The uses of session recording are:

Session recording for the developers:

  • Developers use session recording to look at the glitches that occurred on the website.
  • This results in a high bouncing rate where visitors are going to leave the site in the case of inconvenience.
  • Debugging is made simpler when the developer knows the exact element which does the issue.

Session recording for the marketing team:

“Sell to the man who is in need.”

  • Targeting the right audience and showing them the advertisement is going to increase the conversion rate.
  • Providing offers to the visitors who clicked the buy option and viewed the screen for a longer time.
  • This indicates that the visitor opened the buying option to buy the product.
  • Then, he looked at the price for too long. Maybe he discussed with others the pricing or calculated the pricing he could afford.
  • Targeting him and providing a decent offer or a free trial may help convert the visitor into a customer.
  • This is a simple example of how session recording and replay help in marketing.

Session recording for the designers:

  • Out of 10 visitors, 8 visitors have clicked on a text thinking it is a link to buy or more information.
  • Now then it is noticed by the designer team, that it is fixed as either link or a button.
  • It has a chance of increasing the conversion rate.
  • This is also another simpler example of how session recording helps designers.

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