What is an Error Click?

Rage Click

An error click is a malfunctioning button or text with a link that is assigned to do a specific purpose. Error clicks are the result of JavaScript faults. The console shows all the error clicks.

The task to the specific element to function a task is scripted in javascript. If the click is an error now the correction has to be done in the javascript.

The visitor may not realize that something is incorrect, but it’s a sign to you that a JavaScript element isn’t functioning.

Error clicks example:

If you have clicked on a link so that it will take you to another webpage, but it has not functioned and does not react to your click, then it is an error click.

Why Error clicks occur:

Incorrect task

A minute mistake in typing or mentioning a task may lead to error clicks.


The element may not be selectable or clickable. it isn’t a functioning element at all. the

Wrong assumption

The user may assume or do not look clearly at the element before clicking. sometimes even when the user’s internet does not respond.

Rage Click

There are many other Friction signals just like Error clicks:

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