Want to know why your visitors aren't turning into customers?

One of the best session replay tool. ReplayBird allows you to track your user's interaction with your website and points out the precise pain points.

Record and Replay
Session Replay
ReplayBird records activities of all the visitors by adding a simple tracking code we provide on your site. You can watch the session recordings of an individual visitor and track where your user is struggling with, which helps in further improvement of your site.
Search and Filter
With the available ReplayBird filtering options, you can sort and filter the each individual sessions.
Want to pass on a info to your team?- Then tags are the perfect fit for you. Using tags, you can rightly pick the bug you noticed in your recordings. You can instantly add a tag to the recording you are watching for your easy identification using ReplayBird tags.
To know more about your visitors and the origin of your site traffic, you can use the ReplayBird information to convert them into customers.
Notes and Segments
The Notes feature allows you to take notes from any point of your session recording. You can revisit the exact line of the recording you had noted down using the notes you had added previously.
You can also share the notes to your fellow mates through slack, email and many more by integrating with them.
Tired of manually applying filters? - Our Segment feature allows you to custom build frequently used filters which you can save for later use. You can also edit or delete the segments based on your preference.
Conversion Funnels
Funnel analysis
Using our funnel analytics report, you can deduce the exact reason why your visitors did not return.
You can also use this report to analyze and make improvements.
Replay what your visitors are doing on your site.

One of the best session replay tool. Everything you need to avoid bad user experience and make your website awesome for your users with our session recording and funnel analytics features.