Shopify Integration with ReplayBird

Shopify with ReplayBird

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses create online stores to manage products, process payments, and customize storefronts, making it easy for users to establish and run their own online businesses without any knowledge of code or even design.

How Do Shopify and ReplayBird Work Together?

ReplayBird, on the other hand, is a digital experience analytics platform used by e-commerce websites to get insights into your user behavior by actually tracking and analyzing interactions, such as clicks and scrolls. This data helps every Shopify e-commerce website improve their websites, user experience, and conversion rates by identifying areas for improvement.

ReplayBird provides visualizations and actionable recommendations to help e-commerce Shopify sites with integration understand customer journeys, refine design elements, and improve online performance. This platform has become one of the first tools to integrate with Shopify for businesses seeking to improve their digital presence, increase user engagement, and drive more successful online transactions.

Why integrate Shopify and ReplayBird?

  1. Session replay for User Understanding: ReplayBird let Shopify users to replay their user sessions which provides insights into user interactions, preferences, and pain points.
  2. Identify Cart Abandonment Issues: Pinpoint specific areas causing cart abandonment to make targeted improvements, such as streamlining the checkout process or addressing potential friction points, to increase conversion rates.
  3. Better Product Page Engagement: ReplayBird's heatmaps reveal user engagement patterns on product pages. Shopify merchants can identify which products attract the most attention and adjust content, layout, or promotions accordingly, increasing the likelihood of conversions for those specific items.
  4. Conversion Funnel Optimization: ReplayBird provides detailed insights into the entire conversion funnel on Shopify websites. Identifying drop-off points and areas of improvement allows users to optimize the funnel for a smoother customer journey, leading to increased conversions and overall improved performance.
  5. Addressing Form Abandonment: Shopify users to delve into the details of form submissions, such as sign-up forms or lead generation forms to make data-driven optimizations, streamline processes, and reduce friction. This targeted approach to form improvement ensures a higher completion rate, minimizing drop-offs and ultimately increasing conversions on the Shopify platform.

How to Integrate Shopify and ReplayBird?

Integrating Shopify and ReplayBird is a straightforward process.

  • Go to your ReplayBird Sites page and select "Install tracking code for your site."
  • Choose "Add code manually" on ReplayBird, then copy the tracking code to your clipboard.
  • Visit your Shopify admin dashboard.
  • Click on Online Store, then Themes. Select your current theme, click on Actions, and choose Edit Code.
  • In the layout folder, open theme.liquid. Find the </head> closing tag and paste your ReplayBird Tracking Code just before it. Save to apply the changes.

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