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Plain JS Integration with ReplayBird

Plain JS with ReplayBird

What is Plain JS?

Plain JS, short for "Plain JavaScript," refers to using JavaScript without any additional libraries or frameworks. It involves writing code directly in JavaScript without relying on external tools like jQuery or React. Plain JS allows developers to work directly with the core features of the language, providing more control and understanding of how JavaScript operates.

While libraries and frameworks offer convenience and abstraction, Plain JS can be advantageous for lightweight projects, performance-critical applications, or for developers seeking to deepen their understanding of JavaScript fundamentals. It promotes cleaner code and reduces dependencies on external resources.

Integrate Plain JS with ReplayBird

ReplayBird is a digital experience analytics platform that enables businesses to understand user interactions on their websites and applications. It records user sessions, providing insights into user behavior, frustrations, and opportunities for optimization.

Plain JavaScript, on the other hand, refers to writing JavaScript code without the use of additional libraries or frameworks. It allows developers to work directly with the core features of the language, providing more control and understanding of how JavaScript operates, without relying on external tools for development.

How Plain JS and ReplayBird Work Together?

ReplayBird's integration with Plain JavaScript involves embedding ReplayBird's tracking code directly into the JavaScript code of a website or application. This allows ReplayBird to record user sessions and capture interactions without relying on additional libraries or frameworks.

By integrating ReplayBird with Plain JavaScript, developers gain detailed insights into user behavior and experiences, helping them optimize the functionality and performance of their web applications while maintaining control over the codebase and minimizing dependencies on external tools.

Why Integrate Plain JS and ReplayBird?

  1. Feature Adoption Analysis: ReplayBird's session replay feature allows developers to track how users interact with newly implemented features in a Plain JavaScript application. By monitoring user behavior, developers can assess feature adoption rates, identify any usability issues, and gather insights to optimize feature performance and promote user engagement.
  2. Conversion Rate Optimization: ReplayBird helps developers understand user behavior throughout the conversion funnel in a Plain JavaScript application. By analyzing session replays and user interactions, developers can identify barriers to conversion, optimize form fields or checkout processes, and ultimately improve conversion rates for the application.
  3. Performance Monitoring: ReplayBird can aid in monitoring the performance of a Plain JavaScript application by recording session data, including page load times and user interactions. Developers can analyze session replays to identify performance bottlenecks, optimize code for speed and efficiency, and ensure a smooth and responsive user experience across different devices and browsers.

How to Integrate Plain JS and ReplayBird?

Integrating Plain JS and ReplayBird is a straightforward process:

  • Go to your ReplayBird Sites page and select "Install Agent" in the navigation bar.
  • Choose "Snippet" for your Plain JS application and then copy the tracking code to your clipboard.
  • Visit your Plain JS application code.
  • Add the code below to every page on which you want to have ReplayBird.
  • Copy and paste it before the </body> tag on each page.
  • Open your web app or website in your browser and load any of your updated pages.

After few minutes, recording will appear in the recordings tab.

Snippet code for ReplayBird Installation

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