Product Development Teams Can Get Automatic Insights

Product Development Teams Can Get Automatic Insights

Quickly uncover high-fidelity insights and quantify their impact on your business. Empower your team with rich visualizations to assist in answering internal stakeholders' questions.

Minimal effort, more flow

Contextual data is almost everything. Use actionable insight to boost sales at your company.

Capture every in-page interaction
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Learn about the customer behavior hidden behind digital metrics

  • Check mark Capture every in-page interaction and micro-gesture to learn the why and how of traditional click metrics.
  • Check mark Use certain behavioral insights to create experiences that are unique to your brand and increase loyalty and conversion.
  • Check mark Gain insight into how UX, product, and pricing affect visitor behavior using intuitive visualizations and dashboards.
See individual customer sessions
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Respond to questions without relying on tags

  • Check mark Automatically capture interactions so you can decide what to analyze and prioritize at any time.
  • Check mark And respond to questions about data in the past tense — all of it.
  • Check mark Instead of relying on tags that have been pre-configured.
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Create successful customer journeys
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Produce successful customer journeys by automatically surfacing insights.

  • Check mark Have a personalized view of the metrics that are most important to you and your team.
  • Check mark Moreover, specific pieces of content that you want to keep an eye on.
  • Check mark Start AI alerts for specific KPIs related to your content, and you'll be notified if they change dramatically.

Use cases

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    Conversion rate optimization

  • checkmark-circle

    User engagement tracking

  • checkmark-circle

    Customer support

  • checkmark-circle

    App Analytics

  • checkmark-circle

    Usability testing

  • checkmark-circle

    Website tracking

  • checkmark-circle

    UX design issues

  • checkmark-circle

    Marketing funnels

  • checkmark-circle

    Application debugging

  • checkmark-circle

    Performance marketing

  • checkmark-circle

    Product experience insights

  • checkmark-circle

    Engagement patterns

Visual Funnels

Find customer struggle with ease.

Session Recordings

ReplayBird records all activities of the visitors by adding a simple tracking code we provide in your site.

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Conversion Funnels

Using our funnel analytics report, you can deduce the exact reason why your visitors did not return.

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ReplayBird integrates seamlessly with your favorite apps and services.

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