Powerful and intuitive analytics dashborad for digital marketing teams

Powerful and intuitive analytics dashborad for digital marketing teams

Analyze billions of visitor behaviors to boost conversion, increase content consumption, and personalize the customer journey.

Eager to gain insights more quickly?

Contextual data is almost everything. Use actionable insight to boost sales at your company.

Understand and optimize
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Recognize and Optimize Content ROI

  • Check mark Display how visitors interact with each piece of content on your website.
  • Check mark Make attribution to tell the story of how customers consume content.
  • Check mark Or how it affects goal achievement.
Innovation and growth
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Discover new insights to help you outperform your campaign goals

  • Check mark Get a personalized view of the metrics that are most important to you and your team.
  • Check mark Consumption of key content, form completions, and purchases, for example.
  • Check mark Set AI alerts for key performance indicators (KPIs) related to your content so that you are notified when metrics change dramatically.
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User engagement tracking
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Improve acquisition by visualizing customer journeys

  • Check mark Examine how visitors navigate your site, page by page, from entry to exit.
  • Check mark Showcase journeys based on behavioral segmentation.
  • Check mark Procurement channels or new vs. returning visitors.

Use cases

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    Conversion rate optimization

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    User engagement tracking

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    Customer support

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    App Analytics

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    Usability testing

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    Website tracking

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    UX design issues

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    Marketing funnels

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    Application debugging

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    Performance marketing

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    Product experience insights

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    Engagement patterns

Visual Funnels

Find customer struggle with ease.

Session Recordings

ReplayBird records all activities of the visitors by adding a simple tracking code we provide in your site.

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Conversion Funnels

Using our funnel analytics report, you can deduce the exact reason why your visitors did not return.

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ReplayBird integrates seamlessly with your favorite apps and services.

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